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  1. Got it back up too Thanks for the info about the new R.
  2. Yeah, maybe that's the reason, cause I updated too... Now I'm slowly getting more servers, about 10 currently. Trying to refresh the list as fast as I can... The staff probably knows this sit and are working on it... perhaps... EDIT: Yeah, now I have about 20-30 servers showing up Just a temporary thing, I guess
  3. Cool mainpage, thank you! Looking forward seeing the whole forum in "fourDeltaOne"-theme! Great job
  4. Hm, why? Would this skin look better if'd do so?
  5. You mean I should make the weapon_cheytac_blabla_col.dds darker?
  6. I'm not sure, but as I said, it's a PRE-version, I'll probably fix it. And what do you mean the texture file is 4 Mb big, the whole z_silver.iwd's size is 600 Kb... Yeah, it requires to have max settings to look OK/decent outside. I'll probably try and darken the color I used in the .DDS-file.
  7. Thanks. Agree with that. Looks a bit better when you play it yourself. In darker areas it's pretty cool.
  8. Here's this Silver camo pack I've been workin on. This PRE-RELEASE version only contains Intervention, because I just started working on it. I'll release the FULL version probably in a week or two max. In the meantime try Silver Sniping: Screenshots: --> 2 screenshots taken at lighty areas and 1 in a darker corner, so you can see the effect. Click the images to view them full-sized. Thanks & Credits: ...will be added after releasing the FULL version. Instructions: 1. Download the attachment and throw the IWD into /main. 2. Play with Intervention (with none camos). Have fun!
  9. What tags do people here use to make these YouTube-videos' show up here on the forum... ? What's the tag? ? OK found it... lol
  10. iGhillieZz

    FPS Lock !?!?

    What's wrong with 115 to 130 FPS?
  11. OK, hold on your horses, I wrote "iw4m.exe", but I mean the executable that we run to start the actual game. Iw4m.exe, LaunchIW4M.exe - same deal. Did anyone of you even try this... ?
  12. Vey funny... Ha ha ha... Seriously, this topic was supposed to be helpful, not just another place to troll-spam...
  13. Yeah, well I wrote it in the form that most of people here recognise it.
  14. Exactly! Just like the image below (note: there are more varies of this error, this one is only one of them.)
  15. Found a possible (not 100% sure) fix for IW4M minidump error. YouTube: ^Watch the video (lenght= about 1 minute) *** Basicly this tut advices to go to iw4m.exe properties and execute the shortcut of iw4m in compatibility mode of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Don't know if this works or not, but if anyone would be interested to try this, then please! --> Let me know if it seems to work!
  16. Golden weapons - FTW! Golden weapons v2 - Hardcore FTW! v3 coming soon?... hahah! Credits to Zer0w too
  17. Already tried, not helping D: (My texture quality was already low/auto before I made this topic) Any other solutions? Actually I was hoping to get an answer to the second error.
  18. iGhillieZz

    About the FPS Boost

    The FPS-booster here (made by banz) works like a normal mod. In some servers it works properly, but in some others it doesn't - my own experience. Also if somebody really wants to play with FPS-booster, I'd recommend the ExP-servers.
  19. Here's the 2DTexture-errors I get with the SP maps I try to play with: Create2DTexture( *lightmap1_secondary, 1024, 2048, 0, 21 ) failed: 8876017c = Out of video memory -->Got this after making a Private Match on Cliffhanger. Somehow the RAM goes into Max and drops down to low usage when I close iw4m... Create2DTexture( menu_background, 1280, 700, 0, 827611204 ) failed: 8876086c = Invalid call -->This I sometimes get on the vey startup of the game. The error pops behind blackscreen (Alt+Tabbing) Also I get this if I try to make Private Matches on Aiport: 1 Error comes when I do /devmap airport 2 Error comes too when I move cursor on the preview-img in the Private Match-menu.
  20. ... NOTICE: Oh, btw, ignore the txt below, do I need to have the original SP airport.ff in my zone/english... I'm on an MP rip currently, so... Dammit, sorry, I just realised that I wasted both of our time... I feel so idiot right now... CLOZE IT PLZ!
  21. iGhillieZz

    [Help] Need Tutorial

    [sarcasm] Hey, I just found out this great new thing called Google! It really helps me A LOT! I just typed in some magic words and I found the thing you are looking for! Isn't that great! Here's the link for you . Hope you will learn it soon! Click here! [/sarcasm]
  22. Tried to create a Private Match: got this, even though I tried to put the .iwd's into /main instead of /m2demo. You do not seem to have the map 'airport'. Download the Unknown DLC from Store in Main menu. So my issue is that if I put the IWD-files into /m2demo my game crashes at the startup with 2DTexture Error (--> solved by taking off the IWD's from /m2demo), and if I put the IWD's into /main, the game doesn't seem to find them, and it reports that I should download 'Unknown DLC' from the Store in Main menu, I tried it once, but the page that SHOULD open in the browser didn't really work... I looked at the games_mp-console but I didn't really get the info, that where does the game actually try download the map files. Help, please?



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