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  1. Client is filtering out outdated server for a purpose, so it isn't "problem" or "issue", it's supposed to be like that.
  2. There is nothing wrong with the current update as far as we know, can you be please more specific?
  3. So, we now have 'reconnect' command and client-side mod loading is fixed, how do you like it guys?
  4. lmaobox

    Cheater/Hacker Report

    Not everybody who kills you or is better than you is cheater, don't worry our anticheat will take care of it.
  5. lmaobox

    4d1 down?

    nope, just IW4M.
  6. lmaobox

    4d1 down?

    This topic is now about your insufficient english skills.
  7. Thanks for all the useful info.
  8. haha, mw2player is funny.
  9. Yup, auto-update process is skipped which cause tons of kids crying all over the forum after every client update.
  10. ups, yeah, I guess you are right, the code it really messy, but thanks for showing us proof of concept
  11. they aren't loaded because fs_game is set after fs_startup process, fix this and you won't even need to reconnect.



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