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General recommendations

We strive to create a favorable environment at the forum, in which a wide range of people will be comfortable communicating.
Communication is a complex thing, and it is impossible to come up with completely precise rules that would cover all situations. Therefore, you should understand that each rule may have room for maneuver or special exceptions.
In some sections, additions to the rules may apply. Topics with local section rules are always pinned at the top of the page.
Ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules is not an excuse.

1. Slight violation of the rules (Points of violations: 5, Ban time: 24 hours)

1.1. Flood, offtopic, permanent postscripts, "smiley posts"
1.2. Trolling, flaming, threats, suicide recommendations
1.3. The use of profanity in any form
1.4. Abuse of writing messages not in Russian, color highlighting and font size (including caps). Transliteration, intentional errors
1.5. Use of images more than 500 pixels in height or more than two videos in messages without hiding them in the spoiler (exceeding these limits in double sizes is allowed in the main post of the topic)
1.6. Posting someone else's private information. Creating topics with discussion of portal users without their consent
1.7. Raising your topic earlier than 4 hours have passed since the creation of the topic or the last raising of the topic from any post. It is forbidden to ask other people to raise your topic
1.8. Creating topics in the wrong section, duplicating topics, re-creating topics deleted or closed by the administration
1.9. Choosing a topic title that does not reflect its essence or content
1.10. Resuming discussion in topics that have lost their relevance, necroposting (the approximate term for determining necroposting is a month since the last post in the topic)
1.11. Disclosure of important plot information without hiding this information under the spoiler in the message
1.12. Begging (money, keys, games, items, invites, accounts, etc.)
1.13. Use of insults based on nationality, nationality, territory and gender
1.14. Promotion and discussion of alcohol, tobacco and smoking products
1.15. Active requests, cheating and spam ratings (for yourself or someone else)
1.16. Discussion of the actions of the portal team
1.17. Abuse of filing complaints
1.18. Local section rules violations

2. Average violation of the rules (Points of violations: 10, Ban time: 72 hours)

2.1. Rudeness, rudeness and insults directed at the participants of the portal and their relatives
2.2. Placing deliberately false information, unofficial materials, news that can misinform the participants of the portal
2.3. Creating topics or writing messages about a tournament, game or competition, participation in which requires the investment of values or actions such as likes, subscriptions, etc.
2.4. Placement of advertisements, referral links, announcements of commercial services and vacancies, discussion of advertisements placed on the site, mention of ad blockers (links to other Russian-language sites / communities in Dota 2 messengers, with the exception of very large ones, links to discord)
2.5. Making a stupid, absurd or immoral topic
2.6. Request to spam or report someone's page on Vkontakte, Steam or on other sites
2.7. Discussion of intimate topics, genitals, publication of content with erotic content
2.8. Discussion or mention of bookmakers

3. Severe violation of the rules (Points of violations: 20, Ban time: 168 hours)

3.1. Breeding and active participation in conflicts
3.2. Discussion of politics, religion, army or homosexuality in any context
3.3. Bad, disrespectful attitude to the portal, offensive distortion of the name or domain of the site
3.4. Trading and other transactions with real money (except for the Steam platform) and accounts, as well as discussing or providing links to this. Offer or search for boosting or guarantor services
3.5. Request or by any means distribute unlicensed software, hacking programs, cheats and scripts prohibited by developers for games
3.6. Placing malicious links and files
3.7. Using the holes and vulnerabilities of the portal or its rules for personal gain, sharing your account (if you find a defect, you don’t need to use it, notify the Administration about it. The spent resources cannot be returned or exchanged)

4. Gross violation of the rules (Points of violations: 30, Ban time: 240 hours)

4.1. Writing messages with signs of racism and xenophobia. The use of symbols of organizations and movements promoting such views
4.2. Fraud
4.3. Publishing shock content (screamers, violence, dismemberment, etc.)
4.4. Propaganda, discussion or positive presentation of drugs, terrorism, pedophilia, pornography, extremism, suicide

5. Account blocking (Points of violations: 100, Ban time: 100,000 hours)

5.1. Registering an account for the purpose of violating the rules of the portal (this includes choosing a nickname that copies another user of the portal)
5.2. Activity (use of functionality that is not available in RO) from a twink account while your main account is in RO. (in case of violation from a twink account - the eternal RO of the twink account and the transfer of the punishment to the base with possible tightening.)


The moderator has the right to change the punishment up or down at his own discretion. If you repeatedly violate the rules or conduct other unacceptable behavior, you can earn yourself an extended ban period or an eternal ban.

Most of the rules, apart from advertising and spam, do not apply to private messages.

If you see that someone is breaking the rules, report it to the moderators or use the "Complaint" button.

If you do not agree with the warning issued, you can appeal it on a special page: https://zloplay.ru/contact. There the moderator will explain his position, and if she does not convince you, the dispute will be resolved by his curator.

To delete or close your topic, contact the section moderator, any supermoderator or curator by writing him a private message

You have a "Alerts" tab in your profile. There you will find information about all your warnings, including the start and end times of Read Only. Violation scores are attached to all warnings.

The administrator has the right to delete your message, subject, signature, avatar, reject a complaint, restrict the use of the forum or issue a ban without giving any reason.

Moderators have the right to refuse your request to close or delete your topic, or close for other reasons.

All changes to the rules are published in a separate topic.

The current list of moderators can be viewed HERE.

The rules can be changed or supplemented at any time. You must independently monitor the change in the rules.

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