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Registration Terms

The following is a set of guidelines of which you should follow when participating in the discussions that take place on this board. If you fail to follow these guidelines, punishments will ensue. 
There are 3 main types of punishments, the most serious being permanent expulsion from the board, and with decreasing severity, a temporary ban or a warning.
The general guidelines are as follows (these are subject to change without warning).

Signature/Avatar rules

  1. Avatars have a maximum size of 100x100 pixels.
  2. Signatures have a maximum height of 150 pixels. Anything higher than that will automatically be cut off.
  3. Annoying animations are disallowed.
  4. Offending images are, again, disallowed.

Posting rules

  1. Topic titles or posts must not be written entirely in capitals.
  2. Posting of pornographic or otherwise offending content is prohibited.
  3. Discussion about performing copyright infringement is prohibited.
  4. Offending posts about one's race, sex, political belief and/or religion is generally prohibited. Sensible discussions about the above topics will, however, be allowed.
  5. Repeat spamming of threads will not be tolerated.
  6. Posts that insult or harass other users are not allowed.
  7. Any posts regarding the discontinued alterIWnet projects, or any alterIW-revived projects are not allowed.
  8. Whether you are trolling or not, do not post any false information.
  9. Requesting the creation of a specific regional forum and/or a regional moderator promotion is prohibited.
  10. Double posting is frowned upon in this environment.
  11. Do not purposefully avoid word censors, especially regarding trademarks. Do not reply to threads if they have a censored word in the title, unless you change it.
  12. Posting direct links to sites that offer 'bypasses' and/or game content are also frowned on.
  13. Discussing controlled substances (including alcohol) is prohibited.
  14. Posting cheat reports is not allowed.
  15. Please, do not reply to topics that were obviously made by spambots.
  16. "T6M pls add" topics are not allowed. Use the central topic in Games.

Things to note

  1. Posts, signatures, and avatars may be edited or removed at the staff's discretion.
  2. The definitions of 'annoying' and 'offending' are entirely subjective to each and every member of staff. If you feel that you have been unfairly judged, please feel free to query another member of staff about the related incident.
  3. Please pay special attention to the words sensible, performing, and discontinued.
  4. Please do make an effort to write in proper English, along with proper grammar. Posts or topics will not be removed as a consequence of bad English, however.
  5. Lastly, quote trains are not allowed in any thread or section.

Vital rules:

  1. Don't touch fastfiles.
  2. Don't touch fastfiles through code if you do not understand the code.

Will be updated in the future.



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