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Steam and mw2 ,problem

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Because mw2 is pretty much abandoned...

#1 reason why alteriwnet was much better


Nope, it is not abandoned. there are still thousands of players of mw2 on steam. however you need to wait at game main menu (lobby) for almost 5 minutes without doing anything (which sux). You can start mw2 then alt+tab and surf/watch porn/facebook and then go back and enter the game. Yet I agree it sucks hard after alteriw.

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If having problems connecting to games in MW2, I have found a solution! You need to go to select game type screen, then just go off and do something else for 5-10 minutes (you can alt-tab out from this screen.) When you get back on, it should be able to connect to another game with ease. Works for me every time.


I know it's frustrating, another case of MW2 being a broken game, plus there are a lot of hackers (way more than I ever saw in AIW!) I bought this game just for IW4M BTW....

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