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  1. Would anyone be willing to get inforesponses for this fake server? IP: (named: |WZ| Feed Server Best Domination maps).
  2. Forum layout, now. If it meant T5M dying, then fuck it, the forum layout is much more important.
  3. Vextor


    well, 'slowed down' doesn't indicate a massive slowdown, just maybe slight leans onto t5m
  4. Follow #9 in the dedicated server part of the IW5M: Common Errors thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=9515. Make sure that when you type !login after enabling the system, you put a / (slash) BEFORE the !login so no-one can see the password!
  5. I'm guessing this comes from either broken .iwds/lack of some .iwds. Verify your files using this tutorial by Paulofonta: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=8457&p=60477#p213021 (last post has an English guide). After doing so, if any files are missing, follow #37 in the IW5M: Common Errors Thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=9515
  6. Vextor


    That has to do with IW4M, not T5M. I'm aware. Just wondering if he's going to drop support on (whatever that was) and shift onto this new project. It's unlikely he would suddenly abandon it, but it might have it's development slowed down now.
  7. Pretty sure it won't be removed unless it contains stolen code - server owners can do what they want, you know
  8. I HIGHLY doubt you know sarcasm.
  9. I'd go for 10k if I needed to. I could activate Vextor.dll.
  10. The car 'explosion' 'freeze' just causes some messed up view while looking at it/coming into the direct vicinity of it, but that doesn't freeze my game nor crash it.
  11. never has in any of my instances of installing iw4m via the normal install ('normal' is cited as: http://fourdeltaone.net/iw4m/InstallIW4M.exe) has iw4m.ini ever popped up in %localappdata%\iw4m - instead, it always appears in my game folder. in fact, i just deleted all instances of my manual installation in my game folder, and installed it via the installer aforementioned, and same result, iw4m.ini appearing in my game folder.
  12. Vextor

    4D1 is nice but...

    Mainly because actually 'good' players, and people who aren't even good, just do some annoying things get votekicked/banned instantly for not complying with the majority of players, even though they don't control the server.
  13. Vextor

    You Had Me Wrong!

    Wrong, wrong and wrong. All secretSchemes is now (for the time being, anyway) is a community to develop and share code, and to do some other stuff. T5 and any other Call of Duty seems to have no position on that site as a modification. 'SSOps' isn't back, but secretSchemes (abbreviation: "SS") is. Oh, and SS and FDO ever working together seems a near impossibility, due to the 'hatred' between NTAuthority and Flashback - cited from: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=13712#p104088 - edit: well, see the below post.
  14. Why don't people actually listen to what he says? He basically wants a word censor like we have for Activision, and Call of Duty - but instead for the copy-cat communities. And why the fuck shouldn't we have these sorts of word filters?



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