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Freeroam: Server info and feedback

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Name: 4D1 Freeroam | foureltaone.net

IP: turtlesftw.info:22003

Max players: 32

Hosted at: http://online.net by Seditio

Location: Paris, France

Admin(s): Orange, NTAuthority, Seditio (please register your account on the server)

IRC echo: #openvice.freeroam

Description: Freeroam is a most basic type of a server. There is no target to achieve by a player and most cars/weapons/upgrades are available in F1 panel. It allows players to check the functions of OpenVice and have some fun without scripts. This server MAY contain features that do not force any player to do something, such as /bangbus command that spawns a "Savanna" playing "Harlem Shake" music, with exception of greenzone that protects the spawn area. The only thing that is forced on players is to respect other's willing about DMing - if someone asks you to stop killing him, then stop it. Do not ruin his fun.


Comment this thread if you want to request a feature or report a bug.

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Make weapons unusable in green zone.

>spawns vehicle

>some random destroys it despite being in greenzone

Fixed, still someone who is not in greenzone can shoot into it.


Server moved to a new location

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