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  1. Yeah, waited centuries for the world peace. Thanks.
  2. manual friend-add maybe? Aw yes didn't notice that
  3. Supah kewl What about people who don't have any games on their stearn account
  4. More reflective And will look better in bright places
  5. But how will people download custom maps then ? While joining a server ? That seems dumb as it would take too long How is that even related? Works quite fine in iw3, why wouldn't it in t5
  6. I'm not sure, but as I said, it's a PRE-version, I'll probably fix it. And what do you mean the texture file is 4 Mb big, the whole z_silver.iwd's size is 600 Kb... The uncompressed file is 4MB, while it should be around 1,366 or so, I can't even export the .iwi to .dds Also, small, but very valuable tip: make _col map really dark
  7. Proper usage of portals can give you everything what gravity gun can do.
  8. The_InHuman


    >cursor >relation to iw22and23 Paste your localization.txt content in Do you have the 3_cursor file in iw00.iwd? Open it up with winrar/7zip and check.
  9. >HC >Brak kamperow lolnope HC/low hp to siedlisko zla
  10. The_InHuman

    Bot gameplay

    Is this supposed to be funny, or are you trying to get some posts to be allowed to use urls
  11. B3 and trickshot mod admins are separate. Check .gscs of trickshot mod, it most probably checks for your nickname, so change the nickname to yours.
  12. The spamfag was banned, but let's leave the thread as it might be interesting
  13. Yeah what the hell avatar changes Did you register on aRev and used same password? :3



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