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  1. seems like I've a lot of friends from when the steam import worked
  2. some south-east-asian anime-and-moba-loving person
  3. NTAuthority


    international dates also have 03-14, to be precise 2013-03-14.
  4. Birthday stuff I guess? but that's really stupid according to pigolove
  5. NTAuthority

    FPS Lock !?!?

    I seem to have the same issue with any IWFPS game lately - my framerate is always varying slightly below the cap, and at max it has a variance of 100fps at the same scene; might extend to Q3 itself as well, no idea about that. Completely different hardware; Intel/NV - though the topic starter didn't state his OS, which might have *some* relevance regarding some issues I heard early on about NT 6.2.
  6. isn't nabtube centered nowadays? either that, or I forgot I installed that extension...
  7. NTAuthority

    Zombies Support?

    Would you want to be in the same modification as a bunch of zombies? I don't think so.
  8. Just because you kids are too lazy to read a properly worded longer post, it does not mean the poster if at fault.
  9. not at all it's not? half of techsup has worse english
  10. ... are all of you retarded or what? press windows key+r, type %localappdata%\iw4m. you'll find it there.
  11. NTAuthority

    4D1 is nice but...

    these 'good players' deserve it, they unbalance the game way too much



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