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  1. Stop being a baby. Also you need to take the good things with the bad.
  2. Ahahaha nice cheat detection btw.
  3. DidUknowiPwn


    Modding in WAW Zombies is rather a pain. Especially radiant... also a radiant for t5m (zm) edition shouldn't be too hard to make I think. If the MP version is working then all you need is the scripts + the stupid shit you need to attach to an entity + the models name and you should be able to spawn them.
  4. huh? Anyway it's just a "custom" radiant.
  5. Try -1 of whatever you said.
  6. Yeah... I saw that as well. Don't expect it to work.
  7. Don't recall it, I mean like it's working I guess on their client. But what I mean is their menu loading as well. (In game menu) Haven't checked if the IW4M code has it as well.
  8. Why thanks :> Also if you plan on doing DLC maps let me know. I have to create vision files for those as well.
  9. Well not all of it. (*cough* m2 friends *cough*)
  10. Would be hard I assume but since you have the basics down you can add it with no problem.
  11. Now we all have their codes
  12. DidUknowiPwn

    All aRev SVN

    http://iberianmods.com:8080/svn/alterRev/ Username: Anonymous Haz fun...
  13. Can you put like a picture or so? Also why not add like an icon something like the headshot icon in their head?



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