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  1. EMZ

    Magyar FГіrum

    vГЎГЎГЎГЎГЎГЎ csГЎГіГі vГ©gree szГ­vesen vГЎllalnГЎm majd Г­rok pmet ltorrelesnek szerkesztГ©s: Г­rtam
  2. EMZ

    Promodlive v3.3 [Preview]

    i added the peacekeeper to the dev version :DD but no menu image:/
  3. Anyone can help me? i use self.headicon but this isnt draw through walls. so i need to create a custom one or there is a variable for it like self.headicondrawthrough ... edit: nope there isn't, zfeathering thingy only available with custom materials or replacing exist materials
  4. Added head icons:) edit: removed minimap icons
  5. Just a "beta" thx for the idea
  6. Hi! This script allows you to spot enemies with your use button. Just ADS and Press your use key , bamm the enemy is on the marked for some seconds. You can easily merge with your mod ,THIS MOD use the scripts folder Edit: v0.1 - added headicons. - fixed some timeings v0.2 -removed minimap icons -changed headicon thing v0.3 -fixed some bugs when headicon isnt shown bb.
  7. whiteish with glow but looks fucking awsome
  8. xbox copy whore with mid-long hair and blueeee contact lenses.
  9. EMZ

    Promodlive v3.3 [Preview]

    idk thats why this is _dev
  10. EMZ

    Promodlive v3.3 [Preview]

    promod_mode strat in console.
  11. EMZ

    /r_fullbright 0 doesnt work.

    easy to bypass just using devmap and some commands devmap mp_rust seta r_fullbright 1 connect serverip



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