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  1. Got it back up too Thanks for the info about the new R.
  2. Yeah, maybe that's the reason, cause I updated too... Now I'm slowly getting more servers, about 10 currently. Trying to refresh the list as fast as I can... The staff probably knows this sit and are working on it... perhaps... EDIT: Yeah, now I have about 20-30 servers showing up Just a temporary thing, I guess
  3. Cool mainpage, thank you! Looking forward seeing the whole forum in "fourDeltaOne"-theme! Great job
  4. Hm, why? Would this skin look better if'd do so?
  5. You mean I should make the weapon_cheytac_blabla_col.dds darker?
  6. I'm not sure, but as I said, it's a PRE-version, I'll probably fix it. And what do you mean the texture file is 4 Mb big, the whole z_silver.iwd's size is 600 Kb... Yeah, it requires to have max settings to look OK/decent outside. I'll probably try and darken the color I used in the .DDS-file.
  7. Thanks. Agree with that. Looks a bit better when you play it yourself. In darker areas it's pretty cool.
  8. Here's this Silver camo pack I've been workin on. This PRE-RELEASE version only contains Intervention, because I just started working on it. I'll release the FULL version probably in a week or two max. In the meantime try Silver Sniping: Screenshots: --> 2 screenshots taken at lighty areas and 1 in a darker corner, so you can see the effect. Click the images to view them full-sized. Thanks & Credits: ...will be added after releasing the FULL version. Instructions: 1. Download the attachment and throw the IWD into /main. 2. Play with Intervention (with none camos). Have fun!
  9. What tags do people here use to make these YouTube-videos' show up here on the forum... ? What's the tag? ? OK found it... lol
  10. iGhillieZz

    FPS Lock !?!?

    What's wrong with 115 to 130 FPS?
  11. OK, hold on your horses, I wrote "iw4m.exe", but I mean the executable that we run to start the actual game. Iw4m.exe, LaunchIW4M.exe - same deal. Did anyone of you even try this... ?
  12. Vey funny... Ha ha ha... Seriously, this topic was supposed to be helpful, not just another place to troll-spam...
  13. Yeah, well I wrote it in the form that most of people here recognise it.



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