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  1. -AG-DuKy

    FPS Lock !?!?

    FPS Lock was ok... if I wanted to lock on 125 fps it would stick to 125 fps... now I get ~115 to ~130 O.O And if I lock on 250 I get 230-240 fps LOOKING TO THE SKY with com_maxfps 0 I get ~600 fps... What went wrong with game? ...or is it maybe my drivers fault? I've got HD5850, quadcore fx4100 and 12 gb ram It was all good a 2 weaks ago. If you planing to say how I'm stupid and Fps can't be same all the time better don't say anything cause you aren't answering my question...
  2. Only feature that I'd like to see now is download link for client
  3. -AG-DuKy

    Strange sightings

    Quadrotor Dragonfire or whatever you call it Nice riddle
  4. 1000+ h IW4M, and 450+ h IW5M Skype: DominikDuronjic
  5. -AG-DuKy

    Lets Play DiRT3

    I've played DiRT2 for long time... Richard burns I just don't like. To realistic for u? maybe
  6. FX4100 Processor 3,6 GHz Sapphire HD5850 1GB 16 GB DDR3 Maxed out all turned on, AA X 16 100-160 FPS, in smoke 60-80
  7. -AG-DuKy

    Lets Play DiRT3

    I've played DiRT2 for long time... Richard burns I just don't like.
  8. I'm just saying IW5 looks good enough without this... It's good to see someone is haveing interest to do this kinda stuff but it's unnecessary
  9. pointless tread... I've managed to get IW5 look like this long ago when I had nerves to play with it... just max out all details and put image quality to native and there you go... IW5 multiplayer looks verry good, no need for this blah blah reflections blah blah hdr blah blah blah + type in console: r_aasamples 16; vid_restart
  10. -AG-DuKy

    Lets Play DiRT3

    anyone here owning DiRT3 on GFWL. ad me my gamertag is DurkyCRO we could play online sometimes . p.s. Rate comment subscribe lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... -VK5rOwqic
  11. Cmon guys he is trying to make something usefull... give him a break he's still geting used to this stuff
  12. -AG-DuKy


    Well every gun is overpowered if we play on miniscule health no regeneration no killstreak rewards



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