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  1. hm I saw a SPmaps.cpp on T5..Looks like almamu was trying to port SP maps.
  2. Like NTAuthority never did that before on aiw..
  3. We didn't expect it to be down that long to make a topic.
  4. yolarrydabomb

    4d1 down?

    Back online!
  5. yolarrydabomb

    4d1 down?

    Yes. it will be back up soon.
  6. I didn't know the pope was a orange!?!?!?!?! My whole childhood life is ruined! GOD WHY??????
  7. yolarrydabomb

    I'm worry guys.

    It's still got the cap on it. so it's all good! No need to worry anymore.
  8. yolarrydabomb

    I'm worry guys.

    We will just create another site if shit gets real.



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