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  1. RAP-Ali Safdar


    ok thnx for replying
  2. RAP-Ali Safdar


    now new error my game is not even launching now
  3. m w 3 ._. Your message contains 7 characters. The minimum number of characters you need to enter is 10.
  4. RAP-Ali Safdar


    both commands dont work :/
  5. RAP-Ali Safdar


    When i launch IW4M i get: Online Status Fetching Stats Complete. Updating Ranks and Unlocks..... Connecting to IWNet Complete. and it just goes on , help pls
  6. HP Envy 15 2nd generation Core i7 -2670QM @ 2.20 Ghz RAM : 8 gb Hard Disk : 500 gb Radeon HD 7690M (1366x768) OS : Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Backlit keyboard , Screen : Corning glass , beats audio
  7. When i launch launchIW4M i get this error:
  8. How can i make two mods to work in my server?? I want my antinoob mod and one more mod to work in my server. How can i do that?
  9. i don't like the slow motion killcam , thats how it is
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