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  1. The NP Server seems to be down. Try again later.
  2. CFour

    +10 feed lobby's

    I'll get two servers online again. Both eVone servers by me(TDM and small maps) are online again.
  3. CFour

    +10 feed lobby's

    Team Fallen's is the only one which often has players. You could check out eVone's too. We sometimes have players. There aren't that many servers with it anymore actually, so you have to stick to these 2(eVone has some more, but not the original ProDiiGys mod).
  4. I thought making the trailer and start with the community montage now. I wanted to wait for a "normal" frontpage and forum again, but as that seems to still need some time, why not put the trailer up then(and make the anouncement)?
  5. Dont want to bo mean, but rule #9. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3
  6. ProDiiGys mod is private, and to my knowledge MadKalzone is the only one hosting that mod. As he hosts them in france, there wont be any AU servers.
  7. guck mal ProDiiGys 4D1 pack an. Da sind einige configs drin, die ganz gut sind.
  8. CFour

    Help me! plss :(

    Remove the "#" from your name. It causes problems.
  9. pack them into z_sky.iwd and then put them into the "m2demo" folder.
  10. it uses config_m2.cfg in the same folder. Have you also checked the folder?
  11. Have you checked if the config/the folder is write-protected?
  12. Schon -d3d9 probiert?
  13. CFour

    Waffen Files editiern ?

    Oder du machst dir das leichter und lädst dir das herunter: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?67cqm33z965vrsl
  14. CFour


    Das sagt nicht viel aus... Bei mir läuft der mod aber fehlerfrei. Schonmal neu runterladen versucht?
  15. CFour


    Script compile errors sagen oft noch die zeile dazu und welche datei.



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