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  1. This might not help but try changing the graphic settings maybe? Like,Resolution and few other crap.. And Run As Administrator :|
  2. 1.Moving spawn & greenzone back to the central part of map (where it used to be before).Will love that <3 2.Spawning some default vehicles in the greenzone like it used to be before. 3.A new type of vehicle was added in-game..not exactly a vehicle but it was a wooden plank which could fly.Can it be added again?
  3. *Dwayne The Rock style*Finally! Open Vice is back to FourDeltaOne
  4. I really like the aIW's Open Vice server and had a great fun in there! Can you open that server again? It will be awesome
  5. Zer0w,BO II SP has several endings..it all depends on the way or decisions you took in game
  6. Man OpenVice was really epic! used to have loads of fun on aIW's server Is there any possibility of getting it back ?
  7. Hey as the topic suggests,I really want to play those DLC Spec Ops missions and survival maps.IS it possible?



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