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  1. So that's why many people from my country have been complaining lately... Can't you just ban his IP? or try installing country filters first, to see if the hacker's from India, then you gradually move outwards towards Europe (to partition the probable location of the hacker)
  2. I think this is server side, I'm Indonesian and just connected but (damn you Steam network lost connection error) got kicked to desktop and MW3's not responding. After that, I can't connect again.
  3. Umm, you know that they don't make hacks for 4d1, right.... right? But that's the best way to make aCI better... It's called testing. "How can I break that?" As long as it's just "testing" and not "accidentally leaked", I'm fine with that.
  4. I've got a lot of catching up to do.
  5. -SEAL-ReV0LT


    by new fags u mean kenarr joined 4d1's forums before u No need to insult everyone jst because they played on the other project. I played in both now that nta and the guys are making t5m im going to move here "fulltime" Hmm you got a point there, we might be a little harsh on the new 'arev' community which is joining here. but I also believe ragging is a part of communities (I mean basically this is just like joining a new college) and the people are trying to play around with you. I'm sure in time the arev peeps will be doing just fine in here There's an emigration from arev?
  6. Wew, another guy from RKL (hope you guys open a server here) As Dhona stated, use the client, not the iw5mp.exe.... Anyways lmaobox, what's up with IW5M? Some people can't connect...
  7. -SEAL-ReV0LT


    Just realized how there hasn't been an admin since this morning....
  8. -SEAL-ReV0LT


    So my friend got this error you see, and he can open neither the game nor this website. So.. is this his fault (and if it is how is the fix, I've read the common errors threads) or is the server really down?
  9. That was a bit.... creepy.... Anyways, many people have that problem it seems, some seems to be connected to certain ISPs blocking router...
  10. Well, that's sad for some, they would have hard time changing ISP.
  11. -Stable connection and -Being able to play T5M with a certain ISP that's plaguing the local community
  12. I thought that certain gaming conglomerate has disbanded the support for a certain game we're talking about... Anyways, in my local server there was once mp_morningwood and it actually lags a lot, but after the owner "cleaned" it a bit it's accessible, but again only to a small amount of people (who have powerful computers I think) and so does other people (who gets medium to high ping)
  13. And..... they just clutter the connecting list by connecting endleslly..



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