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  1. lol are you an idiot? You can't be a Hungarian or a Polish regmod I didnt meant that !
  2. I didnt get it ! how did you get that ?
  3. i wana be a regional moderator from Pakistan ! we have alot of player here is pakistan playing mw2
  4. !X3NOM

    Barret Scope

    Ok ! Thanks For the help !
  5. !X3NOM

    Barret Scope

    Do you have any idea about it ? weapon_m82_scope.iwi or so if you mean the texture I want it to be like the one in this picture !
  6. !X3NOM

    Barret Scope

    Do you have any idea about it ?
  7. !X3NOM

    Barret Scope

    Hey Guys ! Is there any mod to change the external scope view of the barret sniper ? i mean that i saw it with someone in his game but i couldn't find it on the forums ! ANy Idea ?
  8. !X3NOM

    Error please help FAST!

    Why don't you google it ! i mean that you should google up that missing dll and download it and then simply paste it in your Game Directory ! this might also fox your problem !
  9. !X3NOM

    Weapon Switch

    Hey ! guys ! Is there any way to switch the weapons faster ! and yeah would someone tell me how to set up the key binds for IW4M :mrgreen: ?
  10. !X3NOM

    Trickshot Mod

    Yeah ! I started using the isnipe mod but i got some problem that are : 1. There are no stun grenades in the mod and how can i add them ? 2. I want the ammo to be infinite and how can i do that ? 3.I want to remove the damage from secondary weapons i mean that i want secondary weapons to have no damage ! How ca i do that ? :cry:
  11. !X3NOM

    Trickshot Mod

    Will someone give me a trickshot mod now ?
  12. !X3NOM

    Game Lags

    Ohh ! It Worked .. Thank You !
  13. !X3NOM

    Game Lags

    What do you mean ?



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