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  1. MitchellS


    That has to do with IW4M, not T5M. I'm aware. Just wondering if he's going to drop support on (whatever that was) and shift onto this new project.
  2. MitchellS


    What's going to happen to this? ~ http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12534933/yummy.png
  3. but yeah idk, tried execing a few configs and tried some commands and they didn't work so i just use this
  4. thank you for the info but the console in iw5m is very limited and wont work for my purposes thanks.
  5. for my VAC detected console unlockers and such, anybody have an answer on this?
  6. pretty sick, ty for sharing
  7. rap was more like this http://gyazo.com/836abdc356c7c16904afbb4ea9902d89
  9. I really do love the hud, or maybe that's just me. At least it has a new hud though, unlike MW3 where they change 2 things = NEW! The game looks really promising, and the graphics are quite impressive to say the least. Lots of things seem op, but it was only a 2 minute reveal trailer. Lots of things still have to be balanced, and I'm sure there's counters to lots of stuff that we might be worried about, that was just don't know about yet. Let's wait until release before judging balance.
  10. PUSSY MATCH xXxXxMaPallsxxXx
  11. please do not emulate riochet servers for the love of god
  12. I play 4d1 because it is a proper version of MW2, not because it is free. Blops is already a proper pc game. (well, almost.... dat_optimization)
  13. Hell, maybe activi$ion will notice alterRev and take them down, since they are working with blops now. one can hope ^.^



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