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  1. jeremych

    Strange sightings

    The 4D1 team is known for trolling, so no one is getting excited until we know more. D:
  2. jeremych

    >No LoL thread

    1. dat leona buying 3 giant's belts 2. blade of the ruined king is OP - I killed a 5k HP cho in like 10 hits 3. furor enchant is too nice for kiting 4. zephyr is a great boots replacement
  3. jeremych


    better https://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Perf ... fault.html
  4. jeremych

    >No LoL thread

    do you spend your entire time on reddit, silv
  5. there are different types of arabic?!
  6. fyi jer-hoe-un bobble-dyke totally correct pronunciation courtesy of a text he sent me a year ago.
  7. Why not? Better system => more users => more ad revenue It's really a usually "work for your pay" system. If he had the same number of users as aIW had, he'd be living a dream, unfortunately, it takes time to get such userbase, but I believe it's possible with this project if he always had something new to make people stay entertained and attract new users. :| nice reply.
  8. how can I get on this 'birthday party'? is it the name of a train? or extinct animal?
  9. jeremych

    >No LoL thread

    their team was quite shit tbh maokai jungle / mid > maokai anywhere else trees do belong in the jungle, i suppose.
  10. This is the ban interface us staff members have access to. As you can see, there are two fields for ban reason. Your banner obviously only put a reason in one of those fields (ie. the first one). There is no rule regarding ban reasons, nor do I see a need to make one. fyi, what happens if a staff member does put a reason in the 'reason to be shown to banned' Locked. side note: lololol [10] <&jeremych> why was HAM banned? [10] <@The_InHuman> jeremych, let me check [10] <@The_InHuman> jeremych, ah, he was advising to people to bypass sv_cheats 1 to use cheatprotected commands



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