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  1. Stakhanov


    lets wait and see theres no official statement for now except the forum description
  2. oh yeah it's working, my friendlist is displayed, good work here as always :geek:
  3. But how will people download custom maps then ? While joining a server ? That seems dumb as it would take too long. Well that's how it worked with IW3, also you can download your maps from somewhere else and just join the server with the custom map...
  4. Then again, how can you break an HDD ? Even my older HDD which is a 4Gb one and is 14 years old is still working quite well...
  5. How can you live with such a restriced storage space ? I remember myslef having a 500Gb HDD 6 years ago, so my question is how can you have some poor stuff like 200Gb ?
  6. Stakhanov

    My bones.

    oh well sorry, didn't see that was sarcasm :?
  7. Stakhanov

    My bones.

    Probably that map was planned to be released in a DLC. not really this story about an unreleased map was another video NTA made, but this is a real custom map, just read the video description...
  8. Stakhanov

    T5M or pT5?

    But less popular. but more nostalgia I'd suggest PT5M (for Project Treyarch 5 MAPPING)
  9. yeah that's cool at least for that, I felt so bad not being able to play it (even if it's only some remake it's fun to play) :/
  10. don't worry we'll get new "ennemies" quite soon enough I guess, I'm not that much hurry though
  11. We'll see how you'll look like when you're 40. maybe my ass will be fat as a beacon donut, my veins all struggled and my face full of fat but who cares ? I don't... #wolo
  12. bhaa that's bullshit, I work at IT, I don't do shit of my days, don't do any fucking sports, I don't have girlfriend and I don't often do real life stuffs, maybe I do daily exeresise by going to work or school but still your stuff is wrong because I'm skin as a fucking bretzel and I eat any fucking stuff I want 8-)
  13. You should try something called "reading". I read the whole stuff and nothing says if season pass owners can have these for free or not, I guess no but well maybe it'll be a bit different on PC version, anyway free nuketown 2025 is cool... true dat, also I thought this kawaii camo could be fun but it's kinda really ugly as hell, I mean it looks they copy/pasta their so called new camos from this shitty Batman FPS...
  14. I guess season pass owers will get those stuff for free right ??
  15. Stakhanov

    Zombies Support?

    Well the emulator that NTA previously made does supports zombies, still I don't know if NTA will use his emu or create a new netcode just like with IW5M, and even if it could support zombies, we don't know if NTA will want to add zombies support...



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