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  1. Menno.

    apple pie

    I prefer orange pie
  2. No not really,if you can prove it with a Video. Because you can't spoof names/guids, right?
  3. Menno.

    I'm worry guys.

    >worried about the community >40 posts Aren't you just worried about iw4m and iw5m?
  4. I lol'd ... As u can see, iam kinda new to 4d1 coming from Alterrev. I bet u cant even make a difference or really say if a player is from alterrev or just fresh registered here... There is really no difference, u cant just say that :-D. Same kiddo shit there and here with these cheaters. At least Alterrev was accepting cheat reports, that made it somewhat easier ;-) Yeah, they came back stronger than ever, didn't they? [/sarcasm] It's pretty easy to spot aRev guys, some are just nicer than others. Also, cheat reports are shit.
  5. We support neither, but if you take a look at this topic: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4144 Number 45 gives you a way to play SP.
  6. Which makes charging for shit that should've been in the game anyway completely acceptable, right? Let me change your sentence: Same logic, but you're probably not gonna agree with this. You bought the season pass and yet you don't get the 'DLC' they're releasing, great deal. I hope the kids finally stop buying that shit.
  7. Menno.


    I will be posting text like this, kthx.
  8. And give him more publicity? Nah.
  9. If I wanted my comeback, I'd wipe it off your mom's chin. Because mom jokes are not unoriginal at all. Also, it doesn't work when you type it twat, the joke is in the similar pronunciation of the two words, not in the similar spelling. kthx.
  10. Menno.


    viewtopic.php?f=30&t=9515 #9 Waar je dat filetje vandaan kan halen weet ik zo snel echter niet.
  11. Forum. I'm getting tired of the prosilver stuff.
  12. Menno.

    what i dont understand ??

    The word filter just helped you I guess :>



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