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  1. manual friend-add maybe?
  2. die können das lesen, ist dir bewusst? *le xd face*
  3. Most active topic: ?FUN? /dev/urandom [Deutsch] So fun! umad Kreissägenkarotte?
  4. Oh god, I dunno what to do. IT'S A FUCKING DOOM LOOP HALP
  5. Someone recording gameplay of mw2/mw1 and posting it on machinima doesn't make him a rechyyy wannabe. I'm sure rechyyy didn't invent "recording gameplay of fps and posting it on yt/machinima". But still, his content isn't really good - Especially this COD+BF3 = BEST GAME?! video.
  6. Ok, cool. Bots now go apeshit and insult this forum, at least something different.
  7. There is no proper reason for banning him. He makes FourDeltaOne look bad. Just check the ratings. People will think IW4M is a modification for people who can't afford a 6600GT and it enables fullbright shit by default. Also, seen his gold camo video? This idiot didn't even turn specular on. Those are all no proper reasons, just reasons for you personally to ban him, because you obviously don't like him and/or his (recent) actions. But well, do whatever you want.
  8. There is no proper reason for banning him.
  9. Hab den größten Faggot aller Zeiten gefunden: https://www.facebook.com/trunkzeeh In dem Alter schon so derartig scheiße sein - Wenn's mein Kind wäre .. ich hätts öffentlich verbrannt. Hier ein paar Impressionen:
  10. So eveything you don't like is improper? But he has a point.
  11. Wie meinste das? Dass hier keiner n Link zu den Dateien posten darf.
  12. Reita


    There isn't a exact date, but you can look at their timeline: http://survarium.com/en/news/2013-game- ... t-timeline Thanks.
  13. Oh woops, vergessen. Insurgency 2 Alpha.



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