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  1. HankJW


    Really looking foward to it as well. As soon as it is released you can count on me, fellow stalkers.
  2. HankJW

    God Shit

    what the fuck is this
  3. Damn, ReeneP is really a money whore.
  4. Lel. But please, pick some proper dubstep.
  5. Maybe give it a reflex sight?
  6. HankJW


    >people taking the fairytales in the bible serious
  7. Seriously? Expecting the customer to pay around 50-60 bucks for a game which hasnt changed since CoD4 and then even expecting them to pay even more? Wow. And they ask themselves why the decent players hate them.
  8. Nein. Wir mГјssen einfach warten bis NTAuthority das behebt.
  9. nah, it's quite fine its supposed to be straight up, y'know
  10. hm, Im not a doctor. But your spine is somehow leaning left (or right from your view) ITS NOT BALANCED FOR LEAN
  11. HankJW


    mega cheese pizza
  12. HankJW


    wat How long have you been sitting on this information?
  13. HankJW

    Wird T5M laggen ??

    Es liegt daran dass die Engine einfach nur furchtbar schlecht fГјr den PC optimiert ist.



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