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  1. Well, I'll have to go to work very soon, but as soon as I'll be back, I'll have much time to work, yeah
  2. Welcome ! A little bit like the AK-47 Mod, I'm making a thread for the PeaceKeeper and all the mods I'll release for it. You'll find some new textures, and hopefully, some other stuff I'm planning to do. Enjoy your stay. CURRENT VERSION : [PREVIEW ONLY] - PREVIEW ONLY : - The first mods are still in WIP - Installation : Still waiting for a good way to load the textures - Credits : NTAuthority for the import, all the people from the staff who tried the PeaceKeeper Myself for the new textures Known issues : - None - Download links - Comming soon - Bloody Edition : http://PREVIEW ONLY
  3. And now you only have books :> aabir, I miss ya' bro
  4. You must merge both of the mods together.
  5. MarshallRawR

    Servers down

    NO ETA. Fucking read.. damn..
  6. MarshallRawR

    elite trainer

    It does not unlock them, it just "set" one as your title. There is "no fix".
  7. Pretty, pretty. ucp.php?i=ucp_profile&mode=reg_details
  8. Fuck everybody, I have NTA, haha He is (almost) german with incredible computer skills. You can add a mind which is weird and you can't really understand it to the mix, with some trolling, kicking, banning, modding stuff, and pills of course. You'll obtain a fresh and just baked NTA. For the useless stuff I could say, he's the administrator, or leader of FourDeltaOne project. He has some smexy pics,and I guess, he likes turrets.
  9. And where's the "Higher class" subforum ? Proposed on IRC :> Obv a joke, but really proposed over IRC
  10. This forum sucks as much as your mom, family, and every person you know loves you. Not at all.



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