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Hello, newfriend, I see you want to chat with the grown ups on IRC!

Well, Timmy, that's cool and all, but before you can start, first of all you need to realise that you need a client to connect.


There are various ways of talking on IRC, the easiest being web-based clients such as qchat and mibbit, but there are various clients, the most notable being:

For the purpose of this step by step guide, I will be using the latest XChat-wdk release, as of 20/03/12.


After you download XChat, run the client and this "Network List" will pop up. The first step is to fill out your "User Information" (the info that will identify you when you're talking).

The main part is to fill out the top box that says "Nick Name:" - use your forum name if you so desire. Note that you need to use alphanumerics - only a few symbols are allowed. The two boxes after that are nicks you will connect to if your main nickname is taken. If you're lacking creativity, such as myself, just add a _ after your nickname, or a `.

The username isn't too important, but again, try to stick to just alphanumerics.

With your real name, you do not have to put your actual name - use your nickname if you so desire.


Scroll down the list of networks for "Rizon", select it, and click edit*. Add "#fourDeltaOne" in the "Favourite channels" box. It's also recommended that you change the Character Set from IRC to UTF-8. Leave the other boxes until later. The host is irc.rizon.net on ports 6660-6670 & 7000, with SSL on 6697 & 9999.


Once you've filled in the required fields, go ahead and hit "close", and then hit "connect" on the main Network List. This window will pop up, just untick the box and click OK.

Hopefully, you will now be connected to Rizon, and you will be able to talk to everyone on IRC. The list of names on the right are the users currently in the channel, people with lighter names are marked as away, so don't be surprised if you don't see everyone talking (And as a side note, the people at the top of the list have more power than those at the bottom. Those with purple dots have more power than reds, who in turn have more power than people with green dots, who control those with blue dots, who have more power than those with yellow dots).

In IRC terms, the people with purple dots by the side of their name are the owner of the chat room. Red dots signify admin/protected status, and green dots are for channel operators. Blue dots are channel half-operators, and yellow is for voiced users. Voiced users have the privilege of talking when the channel is moderated etc. Channel ops have the ability to kick/ban you from the channel (Note that you can be kicked from the channel for any reason).


Please note that #fourDeltaOne is not a support channel, so keep the questions to a minimum.



*At this point, if you want to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), tick the two "Use SSL for all servers on this network" and "Accept invalid SSL certificate" boxes. Some channels require users to be using SSL to be able to join.





I decided I don't like my name, how do I change it?

Simply type "/nick NewNameHere" to change your nickname to whatever you want (again, try to stick to alphanumerics. Note that nicks can't start with numbers).

How do I register my nick on IRC?

Registering your nickname gives several benefits, including being the "owner" of said nickname. This means no one else is allowed to use it. Registered nicks can also get more power in a channel. Type "/ns register password [email protected]". You will be sent a code to your email, and you will then need to type "/ns confirm The Conformation Code you got in your email". Once you've registered your nick, every time you connect type "/ns identify Your Password", or enter it in the Network List. For more information, go here.

I get the error message "* #fourDeltaOne :Cannot send to channel", what do I do?

This generally means that the channel is being moderated - users without permissions cannot talk when this mode is set. Try messaging someone with halfop or above (blue/green/red/purple dot) with the command "/query TheirNick" and ask them to help you in the new dialog that appears on the left.

How am I meant to talk in bold? or colours?

For bold text, hold down ctrl and hit the "b" key, then let go of ctrl. All the characters you type after this will appear bold. To end bold, simply hit "ctrl b" again. Similarly, for colours, hold down ctrl and hit "k", followed by a number, eg. ctrl+k4 for red.

I don't like the look of XChat, it's too plain/not to my taste!

You can edit your client yourself by clicking "Settings --> Preferences" at the top bar, then you can adjust the client to your liking.

How do I join or leave a different channel?

The command for joining a new channel is "/join #ChannelNameHere". All channels begin with a #.

To leave a channel, type "/part #ChannelNameHere" you can put a reason after the channel name if you so desire.

How do I type in third person?

Start your message off with "/me", then type your message, eg. "/me thinks Silverfin is awesome for making this kickass guide".

How do I join lots of channels at once?

In the Network List, enter the channels in the Favourite Channel field and separate them with commas, as shown here.

What's a bouncer and where can I get one?

Bouncers are a piece of software that, essentially, lets you (or rather, your nickname) stay on 24/7. It's very useful and you can get them from various channels on Rizon - #RizonBNC, #EliteBNC and #GeekBouncer to name a few.

What are some other good channels on Rizon?

To start off with, you can type "/list *keyword*" and find it yourself - if you have any idea what you're looking for. I'll make a list of user-suggested channels after people start suggesting them in the comments.


Current channels of note:


#Blitzworst channels




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Yeah, i bumped this. Why? Because more people need to be on. We need more people to humiliate share a laugh with!!



Bumping....no...it can't be....an admin.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Both of them aint.

And now off topic!

thats just like, your opinion, m8

also my opinion is that you're worst

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