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  1. Doesn't work for me, corrupted stat files.
  2. >serwery bez promod'a to jest zЕ‚o.
  3. Arturo ze Szczecina, 17 letni pedaЕ‚ w rurkach jeЕјdzД…cy na bmxie, w wolnym czasie pykajacy na promodzie, pif paf
  4. Re-fresh, still got this issue, nothing fix this, i used to restart PC, router etc, 1 day after still cant play Edit* Got this problem only for xShadou account, other accs are working properly.
  5. xShadou

    FPS Lock !?!?

    I had same issue untill i bought new PC, lolz
  6. Maybe in 3.3, i usually play 3.2 and UMP is really op
  7. Well, i tried it at beginning, no results, other suggestion?
  8. Anyone got fix for this? Waiting to connect for 10 minutes, still no progress.
  9. UMP is a bit over-powered at long range for an SMG ... Because of high-fire rate and really low recoil.
  10. xShadou

    [REQ]EAM file

    Requires sv_cheats enabled, also resets to default after disconnect from server.
  11. xShadou

    [REQ]EAM file

    Each time i use EAM to get no prestige it always goes back everytime i restart game... //fokin shitty isnipe servers setting it to 10th ._______.
  12. xShadou

    [REQ]EAM file

    Hello, can someone send me an EAM file which will set my prestige to 0? No need for exp or stats change, only prestige, please.
  13. In left-bottom corner, there's a list of latest kills, which is called 'killfeed'. Feed mods prolong the time you can see every kill and extends the amount of kills you can see at once, so sniping wannabes can upload videos on youtube with 'OMG QUAD FEED' despite the fact that interval between each kill was around 7 seconds, whereas on non-modified servers, each kill would be shown as a single kill. I suppose you get the idea now? Main point of "feed servers" is graphics, menu, +10ea/kill. Extended time for killfeed can be done simply by using some console command
  14. Your screen should be in front of you, not to left/right side.
  15. xShadou

    What is T5M

    trackmania 5 multiplayer, obvious



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