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  1. Only comment: fuck. Now we (LoserSM and me) can trash our project on so_bridge completely... Don't. It would be a damn shame.
  2. Just a shame that all Opferklopfer and LoserSM's work was for nothing...
  3. Don't use the Mediafire link, use the dropbox link 2 posts under the OP.
  4. Brainzyy

    IW5M - Revision 28

    You can get those files from the dedicated server updater (dsut.exe). So you don't need access to the SVN for those.
  5. There's a typo, in the summary for the seekers it says find and kill the seekers Nice mod and thanks for the source btw
  6. download this version and tell me if it works: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/vd8ircms36gc9k ... 3.iwd?dl=1 Thanks, that worked perfectly! EDIT: Could you add the "new" gametype Rush to this pack? Scratch that, noticed it isn't released yet.
  7. When I use this I get an error about not finding woodland camo or something like that. I've installed the IW4M client manually so I'm sure there is no AppData/Local/IW4M folder. Any help would be appreciated And nice mod pack btw xd
  8. Brainzyy


    Could [GRiD] Aalalex's code work? (No I have no coding experience)
  9. Brainzyy

    New gametype: Rush

    Wrong topic, AFAIK that is promodlive 3.2b and he released that version 'cause that one doesn't use custom menu files. Here is the right topic: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4275
  10. Just a heads up, but you should check out the profile links in the credits part of the OP, they don't work. Oh and I'm really looking forward to playing this map, nice work!
  11. From what I can see you can still do it here: ucp.php?i=ucp_profile&mode=reg_details
  12. There's a tutorial somewhere on this forum... Can you link it? . I saw your tutorial you made, but it is unlisted. And I suck at finding things xD Here it is:
  13. Seekers do have a gun. As for hiders, they can knife seekers AFAIK.
  14. I just have one question, where does everybody get the InfinityScript Source from? Do you get it from the DSUT?



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