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  1. Updated the mod. Read the SVN stream to see main differences.
  2. self setclientDvar( "laserForceOn", 1 ); Use that. And dont use this dvar self setClientDvar("cg_drawFPS", 0); Because i like to see my Fps in game and others might aswell So that is not needed This is a good place to look at dvars and otherthings http://www.mpgh.net/forum/308-call-duty ... codes.html Thanks bro. But isnt MPGH "not-well-liked" here? MPGH isn't JUST hacks, you know (the name is an oxymoron).
  3. This won't keep people from hardscoping if they don't use toggle ADS, lol. Your doWeapons() func makes me want to stab myself, why not use the simple 3 lines: self takeAllWeapons(); self giveWeapon( "cheytac_fmj_mp", randomInt(9), false ); self GiveMaxAmmo("cheytac_fmj_mp"); wait 0.3; self switchToWeapon("cheytac_fmj_mp"); Lol'd. As for doDvars(), learn to use the server.cfg files. ._. Also, lol, _rank.gsc learn to use scripts pls.
  4. File system commands? Also, no problem.
  5. Lol my servers.. -.- kids a retard anyways lol.
  6. -ExP- JoeyB


    I don't even remember signing up for it, though I do recall doing a thing to 'reserve' my nickname or such and seeing it on a forum MONTHS ago. Anyways, yeah I got an invite yesterday. Can't wait to try it out on my desktop, though it'll be a few days.
  7. Well, some mods actually have to modify some of the stock scripts to a certain extent (e.g. if you want class limiting without creating a new gametype etc.)...but i agree with your point mainly. Some 'modders' seem to think that _rank.gsc is the holy bible. Mainly because it has onPlayerSpawned/onPlayerConnect/etc. when in reality they could just thread a new gsc file and add it themselves lol. But yeah modifying default game files is a must sometimes.
  8. Well, before I was using _load.gsc and a folder I created \mods\, but NTA commented asking why I didn't use /scripts/ as I was unaware it was fixed (it previously didn't work -- or it was bugged).
  9. Was a mess up on my end as I thought it was default_mp[i/], but it's actually just default: (don't know how I came up with 'default_mp' exactly). Here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=27968
  10. I didn't exactly know what to call this, but anyways, this is for people who need to change the cg_gun dvars automatically with scripts for whatever reason, but usually because of weapon modifications. Example here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=27087 Anyways it's just a simple loop with a case statement: // script made by JoeyB // cg_gun dvars #include common_scripts\utility; #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; init() { level thread onPlayerConnect(); } onPlayerConnect() { level endon( "game_ended" ); for(; { level waittill( "connected", player ); player thread onPlayerSpawned(); } } onPlayerSpawned() { self endon( "disconnect" ); for(; { self waittill("spawned_player"); self thread cgGunDvars(); } } cgGunDvars() { self endon("death"); for(; { wait .05; if(!isDefined(self.pers["oldweap"]) || self.pers["oldweap"] != self getCurrentWeapon()) { switch(self getCurrentWeapon()) { case "cheytac_fmj_mp": // weapon name here self setClientDvar("cg_gun_z", 1.162); // can also change cg_gun_y or cg_gun_x on another line. break; default: self setClientDvar("cg_gun_z", 0); } self.pers["oldweap"] = self getCurrentWeapon(); } } } Just throw it in a .gsc in /scripts/ and it should work. Hopefully helps a few people out.
  11. Modifying cg_gun doesn't make iron sights proper This is a goddamn scope rail, not sights Shhhh Works better, though.
  12. Press windows key+r Type regedit, press enter, run as administrator. In the left panel go like this: HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> fourDeltaOne -> IW4M. On the right panel you should see a row named GamePath, and the value should be your game folder's directory.
  13. Delete iw4m.ini from your game folder.
  14. Nevermind, I thought you misread the forum name.



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