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  1. What nostalgia, it didnt even happen that long ago
  2. Dafix


    Haha, like you would ever get a girl
  3. Dafix

    best food

    How did you even find that?
  4. Dafix

    Stay on-topic!

    ye okey... I shall say:"Cool story bro..." totally relevant
  5. Couldnt care less lol.....probably will get more people, but not many new ones that will post alot... Single retarded posts count aswell
  6. ._. Le fail XD ahuehuehue XXD le #SWAG! BRAH
  7. Yep, internet loves me. lol Maybe this site is not that false afterall. What the actual fuck? Complete bullshit, this site sucks
  8. They already pulled one, by owning it...



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