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    do u have iw_22.iwd and iw_23.iwd in your main folder? if you dont, you can download them from here: iw_22.iwd = ... /iw_22.iwd iw_23.iwd = ... /iw_23.iwd
  2. so the Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced today in New York. there are videos on YouTube with some hands on experience and showing off some of the cool new features. its expected to be available in April, may or June. Here are some videos: So what do u think of the new phone? would u buy it? same as S3?
  3. Nem3sis

    admin folder

    Here you go.
  4. always on IRC and pink is his favorite color
  5. lol true. maybe some faggot (mw2player) will use it for some shit or Nemexis (even though they are using the alterOps source but denying it lol..) anyway arev said that "they will be back" hope they dont.
  6. this is whats on their FB page now http://gyazo.com/ef1a9f2b824eee0d0529aa9622e826a2 http://gyazo.com/df32a6dbc262fad78ba07d2f89439bda
  7. Username: [vA]B3N0M Avatar: n/a Signature: n/a Location: n/a Interests: n/a from this i know know about you.
  8. i think that a large gaming conglomerate will delay IW6 untill later November mid December because the new console might be coming out during the holidays. and they are gonna release the game for both old and new consoles
  9. Hey guys i need help. i have to make a Program for my class in Visual Basic 2008 and i need some ideas beacuse i am blank right now Here are the things that need to be in it: If Then statement Procedures Counter Loops Strings any ideas would be great
  10. for the "Options" tab u should add a picture.



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