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    But you are a newfag! ._. No offense. Many of the newfags are better than older users (like me)... If somebody new at this forum that doesn't mean he is a completely newfag, he would been at some other forums... has he given out some wise words?? or am I still not sobered up??
  2. umadbro? >/dev/ >mmkay. btw..that Music is just representing me Hopping away from this post.
  3. >inb4 Scavenger Marathon and Commando. >How about a no.
  4. You mean 'bf3m.dat', right? Yeah, but he's using LaunchBF3M.exe to start it. sneaky peeky: http://qs.lc/serpo/vzw.png nearly got me there with the 'LaunchBF3M' ;D
  5. true...it looks really crowded on top of the quit button. Maybe just nametag?? but remove the prestige and level system?? EDIT: Also could you change the FourDeltaOne on the second menu...to either a 4d1 image logo or...just put something like PLAY ONLINE (whatever the menu says??) I personally think it would be more epic that way
  6. umm..no. NTA already stated that MM isn't illegal, so even if we do put MM I highly doubt that we would get a lawsuit..
  7. iWank Its a pretty sweet application....there's also iWank+
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the new mw2player. yayyyyyy! *Lets drop him into the pool of sarcasm* until he quits life!
  9. going from my statistics, most of 'you' (i.e. the players) don't hence. the low populated custom maps servers?? Due to not having the map?? (crashes..etc..)
  10. from the looks of it... I imagine him as a short mexican gangster...staring at me eating a taco! O.O
  11. >Friends List >STORE supporting all the official DLC maps, regardless if its Singleplayer (most of us use the aIW MP Rips...) >Matchmaking (not the one like IWNET...but maybe something unique?? Maybe something NTA can create??)
  12. why not put the newfags in an oven, and we see who makes it out.... the ones who do get out are not jew
  13. I never knew NTA was a troll.... O.O this is pretty new to me...either that or he is dead serious about 'fak''ing' WZ servers.
  14. Me and my cousin wanted to play 1v1 without any intrusion... that's quite kinky, but doing that with family? Go home NTA, your drunk! O.O
  15. quit//done

    Screw it.

    You are the worst fucking idiotic newfag to infest our forum lately. This guy opens his soul to us, tells us about his suicidal side, which I know he's not lying of, and you must act a prick here. Good job. OT: I wouldn't call that attention whoring, people have the need to talk about their problems with someone. Most don't do it on forum though, well, atleast not this openly, but I realize it's probably the only option since you have socialization issues, we as well could be the closest people to you. I'm not really sure what to say, but I know suicide isn't an option, really. Is there a way out? Are you leaving your parents' home soon? If I were you, I'd just wait untill I finish school and move out, living on your own is probably the best thing that will ever happen to you. Also, courage to socialize comes with age, it's perfectly natural that some may be too shy in teen years. When I finished 8 year elementary, I started high school. When I came there I didn't know anyone, so I was scared and it took me quite a while to socialize. Still, meeting new people was a nightmare for me, but eventually, over 4 years, I became much more social IRL, and I had no problems aproaching new people. It comes with maturity I guess... gotta agree, and I see a lot of people relieve stress or depression by letting out. A fine example NTA he felt really out of the mood and stressed, he made a topic about his life and some of his problems...(from what I think he did take a 2-3 month non-developement break) and now he's back feeling as his good old self This forum seems to be an anti-depressant of some sort



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