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  1. This should be re-enabled.
  2. Hm atleast you get Nuketown 2025... I don't care about pre-order idiots. PS: Camos look ugly. 0/10
  3. The fact that you don't have enough money doesn't give you the right to demand a modification for T6.
  4. SirBlumkin


    terryarmy - yet another 'free gaemz' retard from the internet.
  5. SirBlumkin


    Because free IW4 and IW5.
  6. Wenn du T6 haben willst, kauf es dir. FourDeltaOne ist kein Platz fГјr kostenlose Spiele.
  7. SirBlumkin

    Tomb Raider

    Finished it; Great game, finally an "Uncharted clone" for PC. ;p Also useless Hair-FX is useless.
  8. >Game uses always-online DRM (some of the scene is rendered serverside) >Day-One server problems like Diablo 3 Good job EA.
  9. Nationalism sucks. Patriotism sucks too. 'Murrica.
  10. IW4C is a free2play variant of MW2 for China, and Nuketown (and several other yet unreleased maps) was ported from there. T5 is the title which followed after MW2. Don't think that's possible as you mean it for now.



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