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  1. You expected wrongfuly. Awwww <3
  2. Was gone for 3 days, forgot to tell you guys. Did anyone miss me? No? Expected that.
  3. SerPo

    Does this mean..

    That would be epic.
  4. SerPo

    What is T5M

    Your school + guns = fun. Oh and, add teachers. OMG RUNNING AMOK!
  5. turtles? I heard that Seditio's turtles do that very often.
  6. SerPo


    memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=826 Just look at it.
  7. SerPo

    DLC packs

    DLC packs? So, Stimulus and Resurgence? If yes, Google 'alteriwnet dlc repo'.
  8. SerPo

    PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Type this in your console: demo demo0000
  9. - staff rank as that feature is really important. So please NTA, pimp my T5.
  10. Stop arguing, or do you want to get this topic closed?
  11. Looks great, I prefer the IW4 version though.
  12. SerPo

    Strange sightings

    Pokemon as killstreakrewards. Nah, that would be op.
  13. Best. I should use that as my ringtone.



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